Dean Gould's

The Greatest Sales Book Ever Written

Be the Best You Can Be

Second Edition

"Stop dwelling on the future; stop dwelling on the past. Live in the now"
- Dean Gould
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The Greatest Sales Book Ever Written by Dean Gould


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Addendum A
Medical and Pharmaceutical Sales Tips
Addendum B
Work Sheets for Setting Your Goals
Addendum C
Learned Optimism:  How to change your mind and your life.
Addendum D
The 25 Attributes of Happy and Successful People.
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30% of profits go for research
to find cures for cancer

More Comments from other sales leaders:

I just wanted to drop you a line and let you know I thought you book was outstanding!!  I am on my third time reading it and can't tell you the impact it has had.   I put the book down thinking I need to work for a manager like him!    Thanks for creating such a great book.  It certainly lived up to its title!!!
Best Regards,
Jason Mione
Sales Representative
Ft. Collins, Co

Dear Mr. Gould,
I finished your book and couldn't put it down. It has truly impacted my future and current career.  I applied many of your teachings to my sales approach this week. Both the President of my company and sales manager noted that I out performed 95% of the sales team. However, I will never be satisfied until I attain that extra 5%!!!  I believe the greatest thing I took from your book is the advice on written goals. I have always been extremely goal oriented, however writing them on paper has brought a new sense of clarity and vision to my somewhat scattered goals. Mr. Gould, you truly have had an impact on my career and life.
Lisa Obert
Sales Representative

"Branch Managers - Please send out to your loan officers!   This book is awesome!  I've personally read the book and it gives good insight on how to be a more effective Salesperson!!  I endorse this book!"
Paul Ramos
Vice President,
Chase Mortgage

"Dean, I finished your book last week & it is GREAT. You have not only captured the basics of salesmanship but also the finer points that take you to the top.  It will without question be on my recommended reading list for my applicants.  In closing, I just wish that I had read your book when I started my career."
Joe D. Terry
former VP of Sales for Johnson and Johnson and current Sales Recruiter